29 Jul 2010

Scooter & Jinx Window Display

Phil Corbett and I we're asked to come and make a lovely window display at the fabulous www.scooterandjinx.com store down in sunny Hastings yesterday.
We spent all day covered in paint, window vinyl and blisters from scalpel handles!.

The window is going to be part of the town’s local window design competition, so fingers crossed!

If you’re passing the shop at night, you will be in for a surprise as the whole thing glows in UV, and image will appear in my Flickr gallery soon.

Massive thank you to Scooter & Jinx as they were the perfect hosts!

Computer Arts #139 Featuring Rubbish Ralph

Rubbish Ralph made it onto the new computer arts front cover...

"Rubbish Ralph" is an OCD clean-a-holic, hence he is cleaning up the mess that was made by others.
To be honest, Ralph is not a fully licensed cleaner nor does he work for the council. He's self employed and loving it.
He really likes telling people he's a cleaner, Sometimes others think he's a Hitman and Ralph plays along with this and tells them white lies about his time on the streets and how many kills he's made.

Buy it in the shops today,
its a very good read!

20 Jul 2010

CTU Assassins box - Blind Boxes

CTU Assassins box - Blind Boxes

They are 18 artists from all around globe that have come together to
create the first custom blind box series by CustomToyUnion.com

Each Blind Box includes:

* 1 randomly chosen custom Dunny
* Artist card
* Custom made CTU Assassins box

Limit 3 per customer please.

Featuring designs by:

Ardabus Rubber, B.A.L.D., Coolvader, F+, FAS, Fuller, Fried Gold, Indescribble, Matt “Lunartik” JOnes, Lunabee, Motorbot, Nerviswr3k, Nico Deacosta, Patrick Francisco, Pocketwookie, Trenton Matthews and Troy Stith.

Plus a special Golden Ticket Dunny by Southerndrawl

(Golden Ticket will be included in one lucky random blind box, the winner will need to submit a photo of the ticket to claim the prize)

16 Jul 2010

'Lunartik in a Cup of Tea' - 'I Love Tea' Message Competition!

It’s competition time again folks!!!
Matt JOnes aka Lunartik asks you to get your kettle on once again for his new competition about why you love tea so much and what it means to you!

In 2009, Matt unleashed his first series of vinyl toys called, ‘Lunartik in a Cup of Tea’.
This year Matt has been working around the clock and has developed his first
‘Mini Series of ‘Lunartik in a Cup of Tea’ Called ‘I LOVE TEA’
(Sneak Peaks coming very soon)

Series One, The Collector’s Edition
Matt’s first toy carried a message that he wanted to share with all you tea lovers out there.
His message was ‘Take a Break’ Have a lovely cup of tea. Matt tells me the meaning to the message, “How its best to always take a break once in a while to help refresh your mind.”
and well, lets face it, you can’t beat a good brew can you!


Comp Details:

23rd July 2010
Matt’s making a new series of Lunartik toys, but this time they are TINY!
For this to happen Matt has to complete the packaging for the series and with your help this will go to print.
Matt is calling out to all you Tea Lovers out there for a short but inspiring
TEA MESSAGE (Max 6 words) to fit under his LOGO for the entire run of new packaging in Series one of the Mini Teas. The best tea message will be selected on the 23rd July by Matt JOnes, and Vinyl Abuse.
The Prizes:

Your message on the front of every box of Lunartik in a Cup of Tea.

A set of tea toys signed by Matt JOnes.

One ‘I LOVE TEA’ Shirt

To enter, simply leave a comment with your message on the VA forum – HERE

We hope you enjoy this comp, and keep on enjoying a lovely cup of tea! Enjoy even more JOnes goodness at www.lunartik.com

Paintling Live this Sunday at Camden Lock!

7 Jul 2010

Lunartik Mini Tea News 2010 - Final Sample before production

Lunartik in a Cup of Tea - Mini Series one.
Image just in today.

This is the last tooling test before we polish the tool and start manufacture.
If your keen to know when there out first, please email matt@Lunartik to resister your interest.

You will be sent a mail out shortly with a link on it for the pre-order page.
Get ready the Kettle is on!

Price TBC
Last Factory sample, PUSHING THE BUTTON!

6 Jul 2010

1 New Lino Print

Big Blender - Lino Print

An edition of 30 The blend man is part of a series of art taken from
my sketch books drawn up whilst in Japan.
- 30 pcs, hand printed onto Japanese paper
- The eyes are all hand drawn making each piece unique.
- Signed and Numbered by matt jones

Full Size: 205mm x 265mm
Image Size: 150mm x 200mm

£30 Each Print + P&P