30 Aug 2010

Let your Beard do the talking!

So this design will be made into a garment and sold on the internet and at gigs.
More news on this one coming soon.

Lovely Pillows for your Sofa !

Click for Art are running a Limited Edition Set of Throw Pillows featuring my work.

Night Diver, Double Licker & Tea's UP!

Made from super soft faux suede - printed one side – with a plain white back.
Each has a feather filled inner - 40cm x 40cm

Click here to Buy

Each design came directly from my daily sketches...which you can follow on my flickr stream.

26 Aug 2010

2 Aug 2010

Lunartik Mini Teas Packaging Competition Winner!

Lunartik + VinylAbuse - Mini Packaging Competition!
WINNER ANNOUNCED (2nd August 2010)

DRUM ROLL PLEASE... and the winner is...loulabaloolaboo
with the amazing tagline...One Cup is Never Enough!

Congratulations to loulabaloolaboo for coming up with a great 'Tag Line'
for Lunartik's 'Mini Series One' of 'Lunartik in a Cup of Tea'!
She's gonna win lots of signed Lunartik goodies!!

Big Thanks goes out to everyone else who entered the competition and a special thank you to
the eagle eyed judges... Neil O’Rourke, Sichi, Sandy San, Phil Corbett & the VinylAbuse team!

We hope you will enjoy a lovely cup of Lunartik Mini Tea when they are ready to be served later
on this year. As you know...One Cup is Never Enough!

Cheers very much,
Matt JOnes + Tea Team :)