26 Jun 2010

Lunartik Mini Cups - Production Mods July 26th

Staying up talking with my manufactures is really interesting.
Here's a few shots from the Mini Toy production from my factory.

Top left: This is the SLA rapid prototype i sent china, it represents scale of the toys.

Top right: The head has an issue with shrinkage, so we discussed talking out material to reduce this.

Bottom left: The cup will be stuck onto the saucer, so were now looking at a method of doing this to make it safe when we do the testing stage.

Bottom right: There was an air bubble caught in his underside hand, were fixing this.
As you can see, its all still a bit rough, but once the tools are all polished up and we start manufacture,
they will be perfect.

Toy Details
You will be able to pre-order these toys from mid July 2010 from Lunartik.com
Expected launch date is September 2010.
Price £6.66 / £7.99 - TBC

e-mail matt@lunartik.com to register your interest today

Will keep you up dated with more interesting shots soon.


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