11 Jun 2010

Lunartik Mini Series One - Test Shots

As promised, i will try and keep you in the loop with progress of the
Mini Lunartik's in cups of tea, here's an image for you, it's the first test shots which are now starting to come off the injection mould machine from my guys in china. (Cheers guys)

Notice at first glance, it all seems a bit hap hazard and strange, but it's a bit like a air force kit, once we have gone thu this process, the tool will be cleaned and polished, and then we will start manufacture for real.

Fig. 1 Test Shot of Lunartik in a Cup of Tea.

So with this in mind, we have started to look at pre-orders...

Soon we will be taking pre-orders on these little cups, so if you would like to be the first to get your hands on one or more, e-mail Matt@lunartik.com and you will be notify as soon as tea is ready to be served!

Price still TBC.
Predicted date for Launch will be August 2010.

More soon :)

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