29 Jul 2010

Computer Arts #139 Featuring Rubbish Ralph

Rubbish Ralph made it onto the new computer arts front cover...

"Rubbish Ralph" is an OCD clean-a-holic, hence he is cleaning up the mess that was made by others.
To be honest, Ralph is not a fully licensed cleaner nor does he work for the council. He's self employed and loving it.
He really likes telling people he's a cleaner, Sometimes others think he's a Hitman and Ralph plays along with this and tells them white lies about his time on the streets and how many kills he's made.

Buy it in the shops today,
its a very good read!

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AshBob said...

I just bought this a few days ago, its a fantastic issue. Lots of great work in it and loads of really useful things in it too. One of my fave issues I reckon.