26 Jun 2010

Lunartik Mini Cups - Production Mods July 26th

Staying up talking with my manufactures is really interesting.
Here's a few shots from the Mini Toy production from my factory.

Top left: This is the SLA rapid prototype i sent china, it represents scale of the toys.

Top right: The head has an issue with shrinkage, so we discussed talking out material to reduce this.

Bottom left: The cup will be stuck onto the saucer, so were now looking at a method of doing this to make it safe when we do the testing stage.

Bottom right: There was an air bubble caught in his underside hand, were fixing this.
As you can see, its all still a bit rough, but once the tools are all polished up and we start manufacture,
they will be perfect.

Toy Details
You will be able to pre-order these toys from mid July 2010 from Lunartik.com
Expected launch date is September 2010.
Price £6.66 / £7.99 - TBC

e-mail matt@lunartik.com to register your interest today

Will keep you up dated with more interesting shots soon.


22 Jun 2010

Good Vibes cooking in the Kitch-en!

Good Vibes cooking in the Kitch-en!
Come along for the night for some Live Art & Doodle Jazz!!
Featuring Live art from Matt JOnes, Ian Stevenson, Sichi, Mr Arteest.
Drinks, music, live entrainment provided... Bring a friend and have a chill!

Location - Cafe 1001 

Supported by Pocsa Pens

11 Jun 2010

Lunartik Mini Series One - Test Shots

As promised, i will try and keep you in the loop with progress of the
Mini Lunartik's in cups of tea, here's an image for you, it's the first test shots which are now starting to come off the injection mould machine from my guys in china. (Cheers guys)

Notice at first glance, it all seems a bit hap hazard and strange, but it's a bit like a air force kit, once we have gone thu this process, the tool will be cleaned and polished, and then we will start manufacture for real.

Fig. 1 Test Shot of Lunartik in a Cup of Tea.

So with this in mind, we have started to look at pre-orders...

Soon we will be taking pre-orders on these little cups, so if you would like to be the first to get your hands on one or more, e-mail Matt@lunartik.com and you will be notify as soon as tea is ready to be served!

Price still TBC.
Predicted date for Launch will be August 2010.

More soon :)

8 Jun 2010

Lunartik Talk @ BIAD 15th June 2010

MAPD has invited the zany Matt Jones (aka Lunartik); & infamous vinyl toy designer to BIAD next week.

3 Jun 2010

Custom Toy Union

I was invited to join the CTU with designing onto a 2" Dunny platform toy. They will be featured at Dragatomi at San Diego Comic Con.
Which if you don't know is a massive toy event, and I'm proud to be in this as I've been meaning to go for the last few years and never got the chance!
Big up to the organisers who have done a great job in securing us this gig.

Here's a snap of my custom Dunny's:

1 Jun 2010

Stasis Clothing gets a Hand!

Stasis Clothing commissioned me to produce them a street sticker, and this is what i came up with, even when you're dead you still wanna rock!

Link: www.stasisclothing.com

Eurocultured 2010

This weekend was Eurocultured, it was in the city of Manchester, where you see many new contemporary architectural landmarks and then a very small London eye ride mmmmm.

This weekend was Eurocultured, mainly an art festival where the streets are taken over by artists and semi sober people who either like art, music or drinking etc...

The work produced by the artists this weekend was great fun to watch, the chosen medium for most this  weekend was spray, but i was happily armed with a bag full of  Posca's!

I ended up working on two locations with two different style of art, one of which was inside the FONT bar, where I had the DJ area portion of the bar to paint and i created a Fake Gallery of artwork, with new pieces on plinths and strange sculptures including the "Fish Munga". and some rather nice sunken spray cans.

The other piece i put up this weekend was outside of FONT bar on the street, i covered over a small black door and where it goes nobody knows.

The piece i chose to paint was a Fishy themed piece, no name as such, but i really liked it's hybrid body and human head in a diving mask space helmet kind of thing. For this piece i smashed up a background of colour in Posca, and then worked over the top of it to create the effect of depth.  

I had a really good weekend with my new friends.... BIG THANKS to Big Rich, Sumit and the rest of the organisers!

Here's a link to eurocultured: www.eurocultured.com
Big thanks to Uni-Posca who supported the whole event.